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20th February 2011

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KIMCHIBEAST: Batman VS Captain America →




during the “good hours”, 2 days ago, three friends and i discussed DC and Marvel superheroes. i started the “lets pair up two superheroes from each universe and see who would win”. it was the best socratic-like-seminar i ever had in my life. we were all thought provoked, argued, and laughed….

So Torey, let’s fanboy for a little bit…

Captain America isn’t a superhuman. He’s the peak of human perfection, a level below superhuman. Cap is better than every olympic athlete that has ever competed or will ever compete. Bruce on the other hand, has olympic level athleticism.

As far as fighting styles go, Steve has standard GI training, along with judo, boxing, jiu jistsu, kickboxing and gymnastics. So I’d say that he and Batman are pretty even in the combat department, with a slight advantage going to Bruce.

So why this reply? I dunno. I’m just being a huge fanboy.

How is this even a question still? They’ve fought more than once in various crossovers… but when it all comes down to it in the end they are bros and wouldn’t fight anyway. They’d just hang out in the cave and spar.

Also bros: Dick and Bucky

"Did you see the way Dick kept looking at me?!
Hmm. I have my suspicions that he wasn’t staring because he envied your ‘more exciting life’, Bucky.

Maybe it was your slightly more respectable shorts. Or the fact that he knows he’s going home to a lecture on how he could’ve performed better, whereas you’re probably going home to eat pie with Cap.

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22nd January 2011

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I just thought…

…isn’t it more appropriate to call it Tim’s :V-card?

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17th July 2010

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Oh fantastic. A Disney movie ruined by my brain - AGAIN.

You see, the problem with The Little Mermaid for me now, is that I can’t stop seeing this smug douche as Dick Grayson.

Or a really young Bruce Wayne. Which is mildly distressing but also kinda hilarious to me.


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